Fake Sharks

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One of my favorites.
The lone comic that appeared in my senior agenda due to it being consumed with my insane lesson streak.

Written Nov. 4,  2002

I'm sad because I'm frightened knot the other way around
I can't breathe!That's not how to skate but we'll get to that Later. 1st I must teach you the Savage Beating on how to receive it from a baseball bat.Frosted Beard
Man Falling Yells "NOOO!"WaterWaterLegArmOh no he'll hit those Letters
What the Eat?Where am I?Toaster JarAdjective glass catalogI hope none find that I'm a statue.This guy is a coneheadConeheadShut UpUs hands can't talkThis is hard to read.I hope I still have all my fingers when this is overI can't see.I may be fat but at least I won't get hepatitis.(Just another face in the crowd)Help me lumberjack I'm too shortI will throw you!
I'll get you Superman! one dayNo you won'tPiePieKryptonyteKryptonyteyeah rightOne day I'll grow a fro so big you'll fly into it1 year later...I'll get you BatmanWait a secondPiePunch!Hooray!Pie
Fake SharksActions speak louder than wordstalking is an actionI feel so empty insideyou must be hungryMaybe I should get some foodYou should feel empty in the headActions speak louder than wordseating is an actionMy eyes close when I think about camerasMy ears close when I think of you.I have eatenI have a brick staircaseindThis is not waterWe are not sharksYou say you have a brick staircaseLong agoI like brick staircasesI have eatenhunger speaks louder than common sensehunger is a cruel pasteMayeb get more foodFood up staircaseI am a fake shark.. & you used to be...