Sick Lawn scurfed folly

Somewhat of a movie.
Certainly one of the best endings to anything Piemerican.

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Written Nov. 6, 2001
I'm sad because I'm frightened knot the other way around
11/6/01Piemerica presents:  Sick Lawn scurfed follyGood DayStero typeYou're fired but we hope to see you again in future episodesMultiple sightings of abe lincon have been reported once circulation of the penny stopped.NewscasterPersonHeadArmArmDeskYour Prospective perspective has not been elected but rejectedMy sample toilet tissue will be so happy!the Crop dusterpuddleword sayerthe crop duster is on firehow do you know about my silver w.a.s.t.e. band?BrowReally howDid you hear mikcrosoft released its's 1st computer circa 1877.They're selling human brainsHow Much responsibility can one Man take?you are not a Man you are a humm.. ......we'll talk later [just not to each other]sand sund burrow coffee tune up helps coffee stay happy even when drenkenCall 1-800-Dial-LogMono LogGet free monolog manuscripts from Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?Vacant LotIts them Native Americans they Keep Coming to my house say'n "if you put corn in the ground it will grow." If they come o'er here again I take out my plastic winshield & say "c'mon what ya got c'mon."Final SceneAfter a huge explosion...If I lived in a 40 second funhouse I'm sure life would get long & boringArmLegBodyArmArmLimbLimbEye Lids ShutFin.What are you saying? I can't hear you?I can't hear you either,..._ but I don't want to.