Michael A Reyes

Official Band Photo of New/Tripple Seven

YEC Photos
March 7-8
Legend & Egg/Muzzz at Lifeway on an eating day. Flesh & Blood Not Wax
1/2 Pose
My final Shool Photo from Spring 2003
The Only Photo taken with a webcam that Joenan Gave me. April 18, 2003
Church Graduation Banquet- May 10
For some reason I appear mad in this photo as I clench my fist.
The family appears in this photo. I also look mad in this one as well b/c it appears as if I am about to get up & hurt the camera person.
May 17

Pre-Graduation Photos- May 19
Graduation Photos
May 19

Punch My Cat in the Face
May 18 & 24
Tripple Seven:
(The Joe) Legend
May 27
Tripple Seven:
May 27
Tree Farm
June 5

Planet of the Apes- October 26

Low- December 10

Mega Kettle Maze- December 13?

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