Pie Inc. Shirt

Shirt made in Late Summer 1998
Photos Taken June 11, 2004
I made this shirt with permanent markers & a 2x Jerseys T-shirt. It had the current Pie Inc. slogans at the time & the 7 Piemandments on the back.. I only wore the shirt once publicly, possibly twice, which was to school in 8th grade. I took it to the D.G.'s house once. It has never been washed due to fear of ink running. Use mouse over on the top 2 shirts to read what they say or see this text file.

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PIE- A dish of fruit, meat, ect..., baked with a pastry crust/2. Best food on Earth & in all time existancePIE FOREVER!All HAIL PIE!PIE INC.England Sucks! (added post-Piemerica)Enjoy your Feedom While you STill CAN.THE 8th Piemandment Thou Shalt Not Be from ENGLAND or Be ENGLISH! (added post-Piemerica)kcip pu traB
THE Seven PIEMANDMENTS/7/ Remember the Crust & Keep it Filled./6/ Thou Shat not put any other Foods Before PIE!/5/ Honor thy Crust & thy Filling!/4/ Thou Shalt not Giveth Away PIE!/3/ Thou Shalt NOT Forsaketh PIE!/2/ Thou Shalt not Bismerch or Distroy PIE!/1/ THOUS SHALT NOT EAT CAKE!(C) 1998 PIE INCorperated