Emperor MAR is decked out in his classic (The Joe) attire of green shirt, khakis, & two watches to bring you Piemerica's

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 Video:The (Irish) JigThe Spinning Jig, Blur Dancing, The Low Down Butt Dance, The Wacko Windmill
The Retarded Snake, The Sad SnakeThe Hyper SnakeRetarded Snake In A Blender
No Video:The Curly SpinThe Hilarious SnakeThe Mentally Imbalanced Reptile,
The Double Jointed Robot (The Robot 2000), The Riot Raindance
The Curly Spin
[No Photo/Video]
Description: This is a shoulder spin on the floor
Origin:  Invented by Curly of the Three Stooges
Info.:  The first dance of any sort preformed by Emperor MAR. Emperor MAR & sometimes Laslo PanafleX would do this dance in 8th grade always on a waxed floor. This dance was very seldom done after 1999.
The Low Down Butt Dance
Description: Similar to the Twist, in this dance one crouches down & acts like one is toweling one's butt off.
Origin:  This dance was coined by Emperor MAR in late summer 1999 & is his first original dance.
Info.:  This dance was popular with President Hoetrain & his cabinet. Emperor MAR, known to them as The Wika Wika Guy due to the popular Oatmeal Phrase, would preform this dance for the cabinet between classes. This dance was almost never preformed once the jig came to be.

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The (Irish) Jig
Description:  Arched legs alternate grounding & arched arms sway joyfully.
Origin:  Not particularly copied or inspired by anything (The Joe) just started doing this dance in late summer 2000.
Info.:  By far (The Joe)'s most popular dance which many people asked him to do on command. (The Joe) was once walking about town & had a drive by jig request.

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The Retarded Snake
Description:  With tongue sticking out to the side & a resounding "maaaa.." one bends the kness of an output leg snakely while highlighting it with leg movements.
Origin:  Invented by Laslo PanafleX in late summer 2000 while he & (The Joe) were dancing stupidly while sitting in their desks. Laslo did this number in the randomness & (The Joe) loved it so much it became a standard dance.
Info.:  The choice dance of Piemerica, this dance was fun, easy, & spawned many variations.

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Video Info.:  The videos do not contain audio which highly diminishes the dance's impact.
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Photo of The Retarded Snake Dance as preformed by Laslo PanafleX & (The Joe)
The Sad Snake
Description: The same as The Retarded Snake except done slower while crying.
Origin:  Created by (The Joe) between classes possibly on request of the cabinet.
Info.:  Requested by the cabinet often.

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Video Info.:  Sadly this video is too far away to see the sadness.

The Hilarious Snake
[No Photo/Video]
Description: The same as The Retarded Snake until the "maaa..." turns to a screaming "maaaAAAAh.." with a painful expression on one's face.
Origin:  Created by (The Joe) between classes
Info.: Titled The Hilarious Snake due to the humor of the sound from the morphing "maaa.." (The Joe)'s favorite variation of The Retarded Snake.
The Hyper Snake

Description: The Retarded Snake sped up with a shaky "maaaa..."
Origin:  Created by (The Joe) as the opposite to the slow Sad Snake
Info.:  A popular dance request

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The Mentally Imbalanced Reptile
[No Photo/Video]
Description: A hilarious ripoff of the Retarded Snake, this dance has the arms climbing up instead of pointing down.
Origin:  Invented by The Cobb who was a notorious rip-off artist of Piemerica.
Info.: Done by The Cobb only once at lunch while sitting down.

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The Double Jointed Robot (The Robot 2000)
[No Photo/Video]
Description: A fluid, very loose update of the popular 80's dance The Robot
Origin:  Created by (The Joe) as an update to The Robot as he found The Robot's movements to be obselete with modern technology.
Info.: Generally only preformed when the subject comes up.
The Riot Raindance
[No Photo/Video]
Description: Not really a dance but a preformance to an improv script
(Run. Smash! Gimme that tv! Grabs tv. Runs toward }the Joemeister{ & shoves him Outta my way white boy! Runs off holding tv & shaking fist in the air yelling "Rodney King!"
Origin:  Created by (The Joe) infront of Lifeway for }the Joemeister{ as an attempt to show him he was not a one/two dance wonder.
Info.:  Done only about two times, the 2nd for Joenan to accompany the story.
The Wacko Windmill
Description: A whirling of all limbs possible.
Origin:  Created by (The Joe) infront of Lifeway for }the Joemeister{ as an attempt to show him he was not a one/two dance wonder.
Info.:  Preformed only once until this video & it's practice session.

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Retarded Snake In A Blender
Description: A frantic, spinning, & screaming Retarded Snake as if in a blender, the most extreme variation of the snake.
Origin:  Created a little while after the other variations this was invented in front of the school.
Info.:  The ultra rare & disgustingly extreme

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The Spinning Jig
Description: The Jig done spinning
Origin:  Planned & debuted for (The Joe)'s 2002 Student Council President Speech on school tv.
Info.:  The rarest jig done once for the speech, once for the video, & maybe 2-3 times between. This jig was prepared for (The Joe)'s 2002 Student Council President Speech as a way to get an extra wow adding it to the preformance with the already popular jig.

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Blur Dancing
Description: Frantic freestyle movement of the feet plague this dancing until the subject is so tired that standing is impossible.
Origin:  Invented by (The Joe) possibly in the school yard in Spring 2003 
Info.:  (The Joe) blur danced to during a Lunch Fat Ryme practice session. (The Joe) blur danced outside in the school yard, one viewer of this requested the dance in class several times afterwards. (The Joe) blur danced Dancing Mania Week 2003. (The Joe) blur danced on his 2nd to last day of high school repeatedly falling & getting up over 5 times until people weren't entertained at all anymore but just frustrated & full of pity.

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Video Info.:  Upon watching the video Blur Dancing appears similar to RADIOHEAD front man Thom Yorke's style of dancing.
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