A Few of My Favorite Things

Cave Pillow
My most prized keepsake, I made this pillow early 2000 in Home Ec. I didn’t like carrying things around in the open that would draw attention to me so I put it in my backpack behind the books so my back rested against it when I walked. When I got home I took it out and the next few days at school I missed having it so I decided to permanently have it in my backpack for comfort and did so the rest of my high school career. In 2002 I was able to live my lifelong dream with this pillow, using it to relax in a cave. In July 2005 I gave the pillow to, my now wife, Lori to which she restuffed it and gave it back to me that Christmas.
My brother gave me this jacket on my birthday as a Christmas present. The pockets are so big that I once held four two liter sodas in it.
Class Ring
This ring is a good mini-summary of me. The cross and Bible represent my Christianity, (The Joe) was the name I went by at the time, I graduated in 2003, my favorite month is May (which is for that stone), and my favorite color is green. People were flabbergasted that I actually put (The Joe) on my class ring. Sadly parenthesis were not available characters. MAR is engraved on the inside.
Wrist Band
I got this out of a capsule machine at Kroger for fifty cents. I wore it a few times because I thought it looked cool. Later I wore it because I once sprained my wrist and it made for good feelings of not bad.
Classic Green Shirts
I got my first 3x green shirt in 8th grade where because of its size I earned the nickname Swamp Thing. This and two more identical shirts I wore the majority of high school and they were literally worn to shreds. The photos on the sides show me wearing all three shirts at once.

I kept condiments maily from high school but also from everywhere else. Some I used, most had to be trashed, this is a photo of the before they were trashed.

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