So why can't we put our faces in a frown, then turn this world upside down. Feeling unsettled while I'm settled on the couch. Night side weather calls, Leaf side liquid falls. Behind my glow you are in the dark. Waiting for the sun to be our mirror so we can shine on! Blind them then unbind them. Sometimes the truth is that everything is pretend. You are constant but you are new. Was it hung above the trees? Now we all are falling leaves. I read what you said on your face. Yes I didn't know I was frowning. No, I don't know no. I'm just another devotee to this way of life that should be called a way of death. The gravestone glistens with a glimpse of freedom. One chance to choose to live or live while we die. We are standing firmly, firmly planted in the road. Not moving at all but knowing where to go. We want out but we were never in. You broke my neck so all I can do is look up to you. Oh you made me and remake, me I pray to be like you. Let my reflection be a reflection of you. This one last time time stood still.