Amazing Pie! How Sweet the Taste

Amazing pie how sweet the taste, please save a piece for me!
I once was skinny, but now am fat, was fine, but now ugly

Twas pie that taught my mouth to taste, & pie my fears relieved
How precious did that pie appear The hour I first tasted!

Through much tofu, vegetables, & cake, I have already come
Tis pie hath brought me filled thus far & pie will eat me home

When I've been eating 10,000 years
Pie shining crust we've no less days to eat pie than when we first begun

1999 & 2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally

Written by Emperor MAR
November 16, 1999
Lyrics & PoemsParodies
Parody of Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound
A full parody sequel to Amazing Pie.