F.C. 2

I come outside of my house
It used to do me good
But now that's not the problem anymore
I look around & around & around
But if I go...
I will go
To the tallest building that I found
To the top you know just to take a look around
On the way down!
So it's come to this...
What if I get hung on a pole or fall in a hole?
What is this?
There's no way I can miss because I've lost this.
Some beautiful artwork to go down in history
My brains, my blood, all of me
I'm gonna kiss the sky goodbye
Maybe I'm done with it
These 2 years I can't stand it
I used to care but that was then & there
If I only knew how
If I only knew how it's come to this
And I know I'll make it
Someday I'll make it
All alone again
I ain't gonna win
But.. I have been through all this before
Oh, well I can't start it up again
This love I can't send
Maybe outside a window
Now a blade could soon be it
It's not actually interesting
It's a beautiful thing to break a bird's wings when it's flying higher than it has ever flown before
Then I look in the mirror & cut until I reach my back
Is there anything you can do about that?
Then it finally hit me
It was the ground
I broke it after I fell down
It smells like oatmeal in here again
Oatmeal was in my mind
Now it's time
I don't have to stay blind
But if I go...
What if I go?
to the tallest building in town
To take the final look around
'Cause my walls crumbled & then burnt down
I'm sending myself to bed early
I've been delaying this way too late
I ran atop the building & then I began jumping
I said I was sick of this life
But I was only sick of one certain something
Maybe outside a window
So it's come to this...

1999 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
August 31, 1999
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