Live in No Sound

I knew the sun of these days don't last very long
What I've done, the change, so much
Everything is scrambled up
Everything seems to have a different feeling than before
Memories are fading away
I know time changes minds
Too busy too much to have, to get
Freakish feelings numbed until I just don't know at all
Wait until the end
So I'm going out
Everything make me forget
Just tired of living without you
I'm thinking about leaving the day
I'm thinking about getting out of life
So long
This time has been so dear
I'm gone
A way to a better place
So long
Lay me down deep in the ground
I'm gone
Can't you help me sleep
Won't you help me sleep

1999 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
December 15, 1999
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Additional Info.:
Title derived from Dig Live In Sound