Wish'n You Were Mine

Breaking my own heart second by second
I think about you all the time
Wishing you were mine
Here I go acting like I know
Maybe I do or don't
Why do I keep walking down the same line?
Might be a time to draw a new line
If I had to I would wait until the end of time
Tired of this Rhyme
Wishing you were mine
Sickened everyday by my own dismay
Should do something better with my life
Saddened by my song so long so long
Carried off by a dove into the sunset
Seemed weird to me
Still I wish you could see
All these single things disappear
I wish you were here
Show me a sign
I'm Wish'n You Were Mine
I wish I was yours
If I go back days
It brings back joy
It brings back pain
It brings back love that I've stored
Any given time, Wishing you were mine.
1999, 2001, & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
June 6 & 15, 1999; November 8, 1999; December 25, 1999; January 6, 2001
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Additional Info:
Originally 5 different songs, the latter 4 were sequels  to the first. This contains the best lyrics of each.