..And we just look around all over the place for something to hold onto
Then try to find something that will proved we lived
So we sink down below the water
They try to retrieve us but can never get deep enough
We totally disappear just like Atlantis
Just like Atlantis, rumors that we could have been
Just like Atlantis, nobody knows what the future holds
We are just a small part of earth
Some say we'll live on forever
Why they thought that I'll never know
So we go far down under the deep
Blue, far under everyone
No one thinks about us or ever really cared
We can't run even if we try
We're slipping farther & farther behind
Soon we'll end up under the sea
Lost city
Just like Atlantis we totally disappear
It is not my fault that we sink like stones falling from the sky
Going deep under time
So hold on
Hold on tight so we can stay around longer
The longer we live the longer before we're forgotten
Seeming to stick around but I can feel the people forget
And I believe that I will be the first to go
Other people will never know
They didn't live like this
Just like I did
Believe me I'm slipping away faster & faster everyday
People have been seeing
The color, the shape, the blindness, the coolness, the warmth, the blanket, the black
The gray, the green, the power, the weakness, the nonexistence
What are we doing here?
Holy wind & never clear
All we have left to do is stay alive or disappear..

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
January 28, 2000
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