Bathing in the dirty water
Sending generation to generation to slaughter.
What for?
Now we can do anything we want to
And needs take a back seat
In a car where the driver is drunk
Who's scared now?
They're not
So why should we be scared now?
They say
"Go ahead do what you feel what you want to do it's all for you"
Go ahead & ruin your life.
No one cries where the feelings are gone
"But hey it's all for you"
We live in this world
Where your neighbor's dying next door & we won't make a move
The police are crooked beating innocent men in the streets
Christians do nothing
We need to speak
Front page outrage
Front page outrage
Front page outrage!
Celebrities tell us what to do when they don't even know themselves
"She doesn't believe in anything anymore
She used to go to church with me
But since she began listening to your music she doesn't believe in anything"
"Let here go her own way
When you were her age you didn't want to do your parents type of things"
You need to change your minds
"She can go her own way, do her own things
One day she'll find out what's for her"
"Yes I'll do that, I won't try to stop this.
After all it's all for her
Why should I care about my own daughter?"
Children go to Satan's land
Back up & check yourself
Are you what you think you are?
Don't let this happen just because they say
"Its all for you"
How long can God take this?
How long will you wait before you all claim Jesus King of Kings?
That is one sure thing that will happen
Won't you do it before you go to..
Hello is anyone listening?
Jesus saved me & He can do it for you
Accept him & heaven will be true
He did it all for you

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
November 20, 2000
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