Supposedly Drained

I never listen to what I have to say
Like "no" or "stop"
When I repeat I think I'm done but I'm not
I'm supposedly drained
I've gone so far it has polluted my mind & my dreams
I hate that & I always say I'm finished but I am nowhere near
I wish I was
I'm supposedly drained
So take me up from underground with all my wasted energy supposedly drained out of me
Yeah I'm breaking my shackles off & I'm getting out of here
Been singing about this
Writing about this for way too long
I still say I'm ending it before now
Too bad I'm not prancing or dancing because that is fun
I know it's getting very old
I know or so I'm told
I know this is the very last
I'm supposedly drained
Make me dry

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
February 9, 2000
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