Black Night 6

Back where I used to live a long time ago
There was nothing but..
Rolling hills & overlapping lines
Endless desires & 20 times less fires
Out in nowhere, few around a lot like now
People come & people go
There's some I just can't forget
I remember so many & the ones I do
I hope I won't remember later
I'm getting out of here
I'm forgetting who you are & were
I'm zooming away
I'm riding on the cold winds of a black night
No don't look at me
You just crawl slowly away
Please beg
I really plead that another person needs me
Like when there was..
Locked doors & caving in floors
Unmowed yards & semi-good cars
Why can't I see I need to end this huge part of me
I should burn these pages about it
I'm gonna live without it
Paint me a pretty picture
Pull me out of the water
Save me & wait for me to recover
See me I'm only sad & lonely
Please me & seize me
Let this all be forgiven
What's the reason for this season
Seems to be said what it's not
And I've forgotten the words to say
Crumbled & cracked but never broken
Black night
So great & so far away
we never know what it will do on the hills
In the street trees spread apart then grow together
I can hardly walk through them
The pines stick me
And they not so often get stuck like the night & its hours of wake

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
April 18, 2000
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