The Brink of Nothingness

Falling into a place
Changing along the way
Abandoned but staying in the same place
Never moving
And outside I'm staying in here
I hear about all the things that I wish but will never dismiss
Wanting to be with others
I really don't want to go..
Straight down
I am barreling to the brink of nothingness
Into a void of invisible pain
To the brink of nothingness
Such a huge shame that it doesn't matter to a single person
In a way not even I care
Perils seem to make half of me strong & the other half weaker
Some how it won't cancel out
It just drags & pulls & tallies my lost pieces
I stand here waiting
Pull down the shades
Don't let any light in here
Dark & blind I am losing my eyes
Loneliness & hopelessness is my crown
Take me up away from here
Take me out of this void & kill my fear
How can I be so heartless?
Period at the end of the sentence.
Jesus can take me out of these things
Before I am gone so far that I fall to nothing

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
January 31, 2000
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