The Legend of F.C.

Step outside my house
It doesn't matter anyway
Taking me apart piece by piece like a puzzle
If you miss one you spend all the time looking for a fit & the picture can never be complete
Run down the old road
get lost along the way
I can't make it back to my home
I'm stuck here & don't know how long It'll be
So I mind as well have some fun try some new things
But that is the only thing around
This is how it began
The pain & suffering but I don't know it's wrong that's the problem
If I did back then I would have had more will power because it had just started to tear me down
So I found it wasn't good & I should stop
I tried but not too hard
When someone came along & caused me to make it harder & do what I do
Now I'm losing it but I am still very much ok
So I started to run longer than ever before
It took me so far & during that time I met my dream & it kept me strong
But the pressure was taking me down, crushing me & then I began to start to miss my dream & it was gone
It lightened my life & broke my life without ever doing a thing.
I tore myself up inside like food digesting
When tomorrow breaks nothing will have changed
I cannot seem to get up by myself & this leads to my longer death
Then I started crying in my gutter
fading away in & out
So much fading & literal staining
With & without
Now I'm ending it
I am mending it.

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
February 1, 2000
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