On A

How could I do this to myself again?
Breaking my chances maybe I'll forget about it
On a lowering bridge I could make it across
When I leave me I thought I would give it some time
See you gone
I'm no more
See you bye
Seems like I've died
See you
Thought the game is over
How come I can't leave it alone
No I'm counted out
One two three
Soar without clouds
Soar taken down
See me calling it
I see & act again
Alone I should have done it earlier
Nothing to do but zero gravity
Calling calming & true
On a mountain I'll forget about it
Silent rain or lightning
It'll all be the same
I've got to get up & ready because I'm down for the count
Slipping but not wanting to
Show I made it
And color white, clear, peach, pink wash in the bathroom sink & sulfur dies
See we do what do I for no one
It keeps going down on me
Search for a new channel I wish to erase
Cool me down Freeze me off
See we cannot take it all in
See I can't peel liquid off

2000 & 2004 Piemerica

Written by Michael Reyes
Edited September 4, 2004 April 24, 2000
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