Pillar Filled Horizons

My heart jerks as I wake from my slumber
After my glass shatters on the floor
The crash rings through the silent darkness
All over, nowhere
Out on the river the stars reflection that glares off the moon is hidden by my black night
Some mornings when I wake up
I look out the window & see
The Pillar filled horizons that I've been on top of
I think one day I'll look down
Sometimes I feel like jumping off
I'm looking at the sky
It is totally blocked out
As far away as they seem
You could still walk out my door & smash into them
So I won't leave
I'll lay down & cry from all the empty feelings inside
There's no score in my game because of
The Pillar filled horizons that I've been on top of
Look out here
Look out there
I've rigged it
I've rigged it for the last time
Now they shall fall on me if I don't fall first
Out of here & into the water
Free me from this
Smash me & throw me & bust me down
I'll get up
No matter what you'll see me blow away to doom & die

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
March 9, 2000
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