Rebel Against the Rebels

Has the century died for you & I?
Is it filled with all the lost?
Does the sorrow cry from deep in you as it does I?
There's no more talking
No more whispering
No more shouting
No one will stand up for us
So what are we doing here sitting around?
Needing to stand up but backing down
Looking up to someone breaking the law
Looking down to someone keeping it all
So what, many of you love the rebels & are them too
Now it's time for someone to rebel against you
What are we waiting for?
Stop waiting & get up
Rebel Against the Rebels
What is authority?
What is respect?
What is love we can't see?
Is it to you a speck?
Who are the world's heroes?
The cursers, the sexers, the blamers
Who does the world love full deck?
Absolutely no one but itself
Graven images on the tv
Graven images coming through the peavey
Love the whores
Hate yourself more
Open you eyes to the light of the world
Go forth share the good news
Live your life the way you should
Be a light in the darkness
Be a torch in the cave
Tell the citizens of the world that Jesus has saved
Don't run with the crowd
Don't even jog with them unless you're witnessing
Show that you are not of this world
Expose your alien nature
Don't be an anti authoritist rebel
Be a rebel for them
Being that light & being that torch
Pulling lost souls from the lost gutter
Telling them of salvation even though some may shudder
Be that light rebel against the rebels tonight
Show the world how bust out that light & be proud
You have been chosen
You have been saved
Give others the map
Show them the way

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
October 19 & 25, 2000
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