Running Out of Me

Forgetting everything
I'm falling apart
I'm losing faith
Love is the key
Running out of me
Do you see me running low?
I'm a necessity
Torn out of my picture & forced to live on low supply
I am ready to get a refill or another prescription
Something else but me
Getting down so deep
I'm crushed by the pressure down here
I'm gonna keep going until I can get out of here
Running out of me so much I can't finish the race
Singing about myself
Tears have helped me out so much
They've kept me alive
Don't want to loose what I've got as I'm falling behind
Can't you see
I'm running out of me
I have no back up supply
When it's gone I'm gonna be too
Maybe it's better this way
Got no chance to go back
The drops of me on the ground
Evaporated or sunk into the earth
Look at me as I go
I can't stop no
Stripping anomaly
Running out of me
I am running but going nowhere
People I see & who are around me
They totally destroy me
Get off my back
Get off my front
Get away, far away from me
I'm tired & out of it
Never stop to play
I'm out of my picture
I'm out of days
So what did I do to get here?
How did it all happen?
Weakening by the forces
One day soon I'll be one of the corpses
Running out of me
No puddles
No time to end
The end is right here

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
January 17, 2000
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