I see myself everyday
I look in the mirror
I look every morning
Would you look at me?
Because I don't want to
I know this looking glass is starting to get dim
And I can see the pain that lies within

I see myself everyday

If your reflection is slowly dimming, what's the point of looking?
When I see myself, will a smiling face be what is shown?

I see myself everyday
but it's useless.. soon
Because then I won't be able to see myself even though I didn't want to
But the mirror is fading out
I see myself everyday
I stand right in front of it
And can only see myself way in the background

I wanna be
None but everything
I wanna be
A simple thing
Simple thing to cling to the stars

I wanna be
I wanna see the stars
I wanna know just where to go & who you are

I've been thinking I need help
But I'm only thinking about myself

I wanna be
I wanna see
I wanna grow
I want to live my life like I know
I want to sit back
Then face the facts
Without this broken mirror on my back

I wanna know
I see myself everyday
If tomorrow could have spoken
Would I be weak
Would I be broken?

You wanna be everything to everyone
Sometimes I wish I could care more like you
Then I look in the mirror & things are changing
I know who I am
I know that I am the one who needs to stand

I see myself everyday
But I won't let any of you say
"There's no chance of some other way"
The hard road is what take me to

I see myself everyday
Take this mirror & look in this place

2001 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
October 19, 2001
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