Shouting Out Our Secrets

You cannot just tell me that your salvation was pulled out of a hat.
Is it Christ you seek?
Are you nervous that people will point & laugh.
What can you lose beyond what we choose to See?

Start shouting out our secrets
Stop sending off those offers.
Start showing them the father.

Because if they don't know how & you don't show 'em how, they ain't gonna know.
Get out there make a change!
Start shouting out our secrets

And if you're not moving you're not making you're not changing at all
The loss of our sins are we realizing?
Turn one last bend.

Fear & change how does it feel?
Is it just somewhere we just yield?
Start shouting out our secrets

2001 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
April 26, 2001
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This song was recorded (though still not perfected) as Shouting Out Our Secrets (Rebel Edition) & appears on Piemerican Disc
An alternate track which relates was also released on
Piemerican Disc as Shouting Out Our Secrets (Bassline)
Performance Entries:  Summer 2002; September ??, 2002; January 12, 2003
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