Turn it Around

It's not my fault
Blame it on the tv
Even though I let myself go
Do I lose, stripped away with my glaze?
So it fits.
Torn straight at the seems
Busting out, is there a chance?
I don't want to mark this down
Will I remember?
Like December stain great
Do I take this pen of red & mark another day dead?
But the calendar is new
Will I make it through
or will it all be screwed
Ending, no
Doesn't work at all
Myself, my way doesn't work
I'll admit & say
"What I have done is nothing fun
It's in my way & insists to stay
So I don't know what I'm doing anyway
How can I help myself when I destroy myself?
What good am I if all I can do is cause myself to die?
Weight for weight & pound for pound
I can't turn it around"
How can you do the things you do?
I can't see why you'd like to save the likes of me
I'm in debt of sin & scared to confess
My seemingly best is far far less than what you request
I'm put to the test
I do well unless less dress
But I'm safe & sound
Because it is you I have crowned
You can turn it around
For them for me
We are blind you help us see
Another way through the day
I'm amazed
Thank you for the forgiveness you give to me
Forgive me
I love you
I can't believe your unbelievable forgiveness
You died on the cross & shed your blood
Was beaten & bruised so we wouldn't loose our souls to hell
You took our place
Walk on the earth & gave us grace
Because of you love you left your Father above
You kept on & prayed, tears rolling down your face
You did all this & all you made us need was faith
And patience to wait on your will
After that still you help us through each day
Every time we pray
I'm just amazed at your grace
Your loving grace
Turn it around
For them & for me

2001 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
January 4, 2001
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