Came In

When you came into my life
I never thought it possible
I'd never believed it were plausible
You came true
And my dream can't even compete with you

When you came into my life
There would be nothing the same again
I just want you my friend
Let's wait for our life

I'm thinking
And of course it is about you
I'm thinking
How long will I live without you

I don't know
I'm so close
I'm so far
So far we have been so close
To be so close we have to go so far

If I could dream again
I would dream you into my life
Because you are already in my heart

Just a year has been
Are we closing in
Or is it lost

I'm looking at a new winter
I'm looking at a new spring
I'm looking for a place where we'll be in the same

Come here come here
Just as you came in
come here
The day our love will end..
None here, none here
2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
October 28, 2005
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