Expelious Sea

I don't want to see
So I'll just stand, right here
I just want to leave
So I ran. It's not right here.

Standing in the sea
You don't want it to be me
Sitting in the sand
I'm waiting for that hand

Not fast asleep
But I'm still dreaming
Now on my sleeve
My strength is receding

Standing in the sea
It was me
I was Sitting in the sand
Waiting for that hand

A spherical miracle
The world is at your feet
I hear it all
I hear it all
I hear it all

I don't want to see
And I can't believe
Standing in the sea
A drowning plea

Another sign
Another road
Another wind
A story told
Another rain
Another wind
Another place to start again
A place I'm always wishing for
But I always close the door

While standing in the sea
I'm Sitting in the sand
I won't leave
I'm waiting for that hand

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
October 22, 2005
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Additional Info.:
The original idea of this song was for it to be the closing track instrumental on the ditched Tripple Seven album Wake (originally titled Expelious C).
That idea was long gone & this title came to mind when these lyrics were being written.
The instrumenal was eventually made (without consideration for these lyrics) in 2008 and appears on the MARS album Today & The Years Gone Bye.