Rapping Paper

Lori's Watch
I am a Christmas present
Not no Christmas pheasant
And the giver really hopes you'll think that I'm pleasant
What is inside me?
Yes you can *watch* for the clues but you don't have to because you can open me when you choose.

Lori's Wallet
Will you like me?
Well I'll let you decide
C'mon & unwrap me I'm not in here to hide

Yo yo yo
I'm a rap like you don't know
Everybody get on the floor because I'm gonna wrap some more

Here's something for you to play with words to sing or say. Now this
rapping wrapping paper is through. Oh but one last thing.. Merry
Christmas to you Word.
2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally

Written by Emperor MAR
December 21-24, 2005
Lyrics & Poems
Additional Info:
A Christmas Tradition started by Emperor MAR where he writes rap songs on the rapping paper of presents he gives.
The actual paper was accidentally thrown away so the last song & parts of the others aren't here.