Repeat Today

This is all the time I've had curling up inside
But that's fine I'm half way up the tree
A cute face, sometimes that is all I ever see
I've no embrace. I never have and that is just me

Worn away
I have no one sleeping in my home
Repeat today
I'm so excited I can't move

Why is it the clouds must block my sunlight?
Have I a thankful heart or am I always pointing out what is not right?
An hour guarantee is something that just ain't done for free

Closing off and dividing
I cannot savor her touch because it is always out of reach
Reach for the pillow
Reach for the tree
Reach for what is always out of reach
Don't bother reaching to me

I sign where there is no space left to read
I die when I have nothing left to bleed

Worn away
"I'll have my own way"
Repeat today
It's all I know anyway
It's all I know anyway
It's all I know anyway
Repeat today
I wait for when I've found you
I try to sleep life out
I can try though it never really satisfies

God will lead the way
So I'm never waking up in yesterday
2004 & 2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
April 17, 2005
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