The Lights Went Out

The lights went out
Now I stumble about
The lights went dim
I can hardly see again

It's Friday and now I am understanding
The lights went out
That just leaves me standing

Maybe I'm too funny to laugh
The lights went out
I don't understand
Now where I go is slightly dim
The lights went out all over again

I remember the choices
I hear all the voices
I hid all the sunlight that was crashing through the breeze
Though I am still talking my shoes just stop walking
I cannot see, I think my eyes feel the end

The lights went out upon my dreams
The lights went out at least that is the way it seems
The lights grew strong to put me on my knees
It is impossible to stop being part of the breeze

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
October 22, 2005
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