My God, My God, I Love You.

Jesus gave us his life for our sin.
His miracle started with his blood
Even something so great was not enough for him to show his love
He then gave his Holy Spirit to be with us & live with.
He lives with us & within us
He holds us, clothes us, & brings forgiveness
How I could ever have a Father so divine..
It was his son who made us his
It was his son who made him mine

My God My God
Endless love you show
My God My God
Everything you know
My God My God
You wash it all away
Even with the filth we are sending every single day

Live for God today. Praise God today.
God is the God of now, of time, eternity, everything
Live for God today. Follow His way.
God is the God of dreams, truths, lives, & the blessings he brings

My God My God
You are all I have to sing
My God My God
You give me love you restore my being
My God My God
All you are is true
My God My God
I love you

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
June 27, 2005
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