My friend loves memories so I stay familiar
Instead of watching for the enemy who comes off & kills ya
My mind was my eyes again, an idle fulfiller
I watched past the remedy so now something can kill us
I remember when you said Somebody is always there
I know what you mean but I didn't know what you meant
When I should be busy I'm still busy
Now all the choruses write me unpretty

My hairline goes back again
I miss all that I thought
The enemy comes riding
Riding without a heart
I took the torch & know this is not a movie scene
I run until my lungs crush my heart that is in between
Save all the children that you never had
I shall be waiting for them & waiting to be dead

The forest is wide asleep
I loathe the wind whisper
My nose it recalls all the blood's ether
I step back into the hole hating & watching
If I could feel young again I just can't remember at all
I am unsheathing could I put it back again?
I hear all their battle cries and laughing is all of them
Say I want to pose for a dream that leaves me open
I cannot fight I'm just weeping hoping

O holy song sweeten me my eyes are getting weary
My life is getting dreary because no one has come to me
Did I turn my back on the rest?
Could I resist attack?
They've gotten behind me
They've killed all my family
What's this do I see?
They never chose to face me
I stood out there waiting
I went forward I should have stayed back
I know it was futile
But at least I wouldn't have to see you like this..
To hold you like this..
Your warmth is missed and your eyes there is no life in them
There is no life in your eyes
They never wanted me to die

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
April 18, 2005
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