In the window
Trying to see if it will hold one more time
In the evening
I promise I saw you run along side me
But now you're leaving
Now you're leaving

It's almost hard to dream
Seeing things that never happen
My heart and body scream
Hold me
You're in my nightmare and in my dreams

They used to be what I wanted
Now I have all I could
So they are poking me and haunting
In the window I see through

I almost hard to dream
Where you were gone
My heart and body screamed
My heart races when they are done
Hold me now forever
The dreams cause me to give up...

To give up more to you
To love more than I ever knew I could in old dreams
They seem so little yet it was best that I could imagine
You are so much better
I'll include you whether I have a nightmare or a dream

2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
October 18, 2006
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