Four steps towards the door
I want to believe that this is the door that will get me out
Can I learn something from these moments of doubt?
I've got to prove it before it ever lets me out

And still there's nowhere to go
Nowhere to go
No up or down
I could just spin around right here forever
It makes me too dizzy so I fall

And this is progress, progress
Never having to worry about locking or shutting or anything more
I can't get out
You can't get in
So many people left out while I am left in

You don't know it but I feel just like you
I've got something trapped inside me too
So pass the plate around to make us dirty frowns though are bodies are alive
There could be so much more
Our plate could be the floor

This is just a little thing
Just a little thing
Now you won't see me cry from the pain
Of being locked in again
It's cold tonight though we try to fight it we are freezing again
Come on over, please come on over
We need another body to keep us warm
I'm feeling a little bit colder
I know it is because I am getting older
My child shivers in my arms
This isn't fun but it isn't wrong

Four steps towards the door
I want to believe that this is the door that will get us in
There is only one man inside
I walk to the window with my child
The man says "I cannot get out"
I said "I'll take your place"
"But there is no way for us to trade. I'm sorry your little child has to face life this way"

I still remember that day
I don't know if they ever got that man out
He was just four steps away
While inside I say him pray
Now my eyes are shaking
Now my heart is breaking
I don't know who had it worse
The man to be on fire or the us frozen with N.
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
November 27, 2006
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