Words can't show my love or hold my pain
Words can't measure up the depth of my mistakes
The words hold onto me so I'm barely complete
They pull me apart they take my heart
They make me want to bleed
I can't hope but I don't care because I'm barely here
A word for me, A word for you
I'm fully contused
In my heart I know it
I'm barely able to show it

It's not funny when they come to make me undone
I feel fear, I feel pain, I'm hungry again
Though they show it's alright they still haunt me at night
From my mouth, from your's, from every place I abhor
Wash me out, wash me in
My heart is filled with fear again

I need this pain to heal my name
I will hold onto these things wild and freely
Wash me out, wipe me in
I can never begin to escape from this place I hold onto willingly
I need to complain, "I feel hopeless again"
Just the size of the sea has me buried in the deep
I ask for this
I won't take a pass from this
My pain is my crutch I know this much

Wash me out, wash me in
I feel hungry again
In my heart I'm afraid of these words they all say
I am not ready to leave, I want it all in me
I complain and I tear but I love it and want it here

Fighting the pain led me to living again on my knees
I was taught that my soul has been bought
Yet I cling yet I hold onto all they have told me
I can't believe he did bleed and somehow I still feel lonely

Holding onto the way I've been facing my pain
Old enough to see what is living in me
Word of mouth, word of praise
I cannot look both ways
I can love and believe or just listen to me
I don't fight, that's insane
I'm only faking yet it still makes me drained
I ask for another change that was given in advance
I don't get what I deserve because you are The Word
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
??? & November 27, 2006
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Unknown Date- Words can't show my love. Words can't hold my pain. Words can't measure up the depth of my mistakes.