There's only a little bit of me
Even still there's only a little you can see
What is high on my list?
What is my wish?
We wish for things in which we won't take the time to earn
Could we stay awake all night with a hurt friend?
Would we say this is then end, "You have so much I can't take it anymore!"

Hungry in another time frame
Come see the others make up their minds
What is there to say?
Could we see anything anyway?
What is my wish?
I just don't know

Unload your problems and I might understand what you mean
But if you do it too much I'll unload my gun on you
Your complaining is like asking die shortly
I remember, I remember a voice that night, isn't wasn't your's, it wasn't mine
Did you hear it?
Did it make your choice for you?
I'll be alright
Just get out of my life

Are you hungry for another time frame?
Let's look around and see how others make up their minds
Is there anymore to say?
Should we ever say anything?
Just listen, just listen
I just don't know

There is so little of me yet I make it so much
What would you like to see?
Loving arms? A fatal touch?
What do you wish of me?
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
November 30, 2006
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