More than ever I want to be a part of the weather
This phenomenon that always surrounds me
I want it to be found in me

I can wait
Wait for something to be real
But there's no time..
I can wait still

For just today
I sing of all that I see
I see what I want in me, the beauty of life
But no, I am the wrong kind of green
I have no bark because I'm always biting

I can wait
Wait for something to be real
Wait for something more than a feeling
Yes I can feel more than a feeling
But there is no time..
No reason to this rhyme
No way to backpedal out of all the time I've wasted
Some songs you shout
Some just make you doubt

Just for today I'm being all I can be
I can't take it away and put it inside of me
The leaves and the grass are now part of my tree
I knew this wouldn't last but I gave it my all just to feel the breeze
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
December 13, 2006
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