Lines on Lines

It's not because the sun goes down
I know why because the world goes round
So honestly the sun would forever glow
If the world stood still
The other half would be dark

Please keep moving
Or we'll all fall away
It is already so hard to stay

It's not because the light goes out
I know why because power is down
I feel so fragile and so afraid
Oh yeah and I know my bill was paid

No warm to protect me
Now sicknesses will infect me
For once I now struggle not to breathe
Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving

It's not because the love fades out
No that's not what this is about
It's not because this life is strange
I know we can't get from here to there without a little bit of pain

I'm so used to my car
I complain when my knees get a bit sore
I'm not walking on my feet
So everyone will hear me
Everyone is near me
Everything just passes
Back to dirt and ashes
Please keep moving
Tires peel to the scooting
Oh no, please stop moving
And I used to think I was afraid
It was all myth
There was time
But now I leave it all behind

It's not because the world keeps spinning
I know that someday there could be an ending
Launched into space and we don't care anymore
Someone I never knew
We now are related by blood

2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
October 16, 2006
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