Only the Obese Die Young
Come on lasagna, don't make me wait
You ovens make my food great
I want it sooner not later on my plate
I might as well look for another one
They showed me a microwave, told me to pay
They cooked me a tamale then I licked the plate
But they never told me how hot it gets
Now I want to say yum
Only the obese die young
Who live on more than bread
Only the obese die young

You might'a heard how I'm the fattest in the crowd
It ain't too pretty
I'm the only guy in the crowd
I'm chewing too loud and my fat head crushes my jaw
C'mon doctor show me the line
Send a pie in the mail, I'll even eat watermelon rind
There ain't no curtain I can hide behind
I block out the sun
Only the obese die young
I eat the bones and take out loans to buy more food
Only the obese die young

I got nice white icing on a meat loaf
I filled another bowl, mmm I love old soup
Nutrition Facts are useless information
I can't count the trees that stocked my apple pie

I'm going to heaven
I'm not gonna wait
I keep fining food better
I'd rather eat dinner and have 13 plates
Toss me another bun
Only the obese die young, more gravy!
Only the obese die young

The restaurants gave me all the food in the nation
The food prepared for me
Lots of yummy beans
Only the obese die young
Only the obese die young
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
October 29, 2006
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Additional Info.:
Parody of Billy Joel's Only the Good Die Young