There is Life!
You are love made from love
You are hope made of hopes
You are the dreams that I dream
You I will love, you I will hold

At my right hand
You will know me
From my right hand
I'll give you anything I can

Our love, our love
Has built you and your home
Here you will find the right ways to grow
You will look, ask, and stand
You may even demand
But with love we will show you
Families are made of glue and made to hold you

At my right foot
You will follow
Through my right foot
I will carry you
You belong (you belong, you belong)
Please know we love you in spite of your wrongs
Now come here, come closer and find
There is hope, there is peace, there is life
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
December 31, 2006
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