Uninjurable Shapes Era 2:  Dawn Settles on a New Generation

Yes indeed it's a new breed
It's a new breed
Yes sir you wanted what?
Oh the same just more

Could you feel it in the breeze my friend?
Something changing but will never end

Once I saw you hiding by the trees.
I called to you warning you of the coming freeze.
Oh now it's summer & we're all alone
Everyone with a friend trying to take their home

The shapes they bother me wild & running free
They're not alone.
See them as they fly up & down in & out
I'm looking but it's so hard to try
To try seeing me
Nothing left to feel free from.
Now it's always hard to breathe.
Roll up my sleeves ready to take someone.
2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Written by Emperor MAR
August 30, 2006
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