Where would we be today if we had thrown it all away
If we had gave up at the door
If we tapped out and said no more
Where would we be tonight?
Is there an answer in this life?
Would we have been gone just as soon
or would we be making room?
If you couldn't stand it then how could you stand so tall
The writing shines the lantern while I was instead small
Underneath the roof I ran away from proof
I was aching to exist while feeling my own fist
Are all our paths straight?
How come we never forget?
The world is waiting in fear that their bad memories will disappear
I couldn't have held you any closer had I actually been there
And the feelings when I'm older are just memories that come back here
If all I knew was taken away
Where would I be today?
Where would I be today?
If I hadn't gave up at the door
Would times look brighter more?
Yet on the way to the end
I found a new old friend
2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
March 29, 2007
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