It's  Time to Bowl
Everybody hop in the van it’s time to bowl.
Every boy and every man c’mon let’s bowl.
There’s a time and place for fun and at the bowling alley soup is on.
Everybody ride down the street it’s time to bowl.
Put some stinky shoes on your feet c’mon let’s bowl.
If you haven’t bowled and your wrist is weak,
your ball is old and you have no technique don’t worry about a single thing.
Bowling is still such a fun game.
Come on and hit a hot streak it’s time to bowl.
Jump up and down on your feet and celebrate.
It’s never too late to bowl that’s right, any time of day or any time of night.
Just walk up and say "I haven’t bowled today.
They’ll prepare you a lane right away.
Yes everybody come on and let’s bowl.
Let’s bowl! Let’s bowl!
Three Strikes!
2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
April 18, 2007
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Additional Info.:
A song from Piemerican Magazine #4's 'ot 5 Review