Exported Memories
I keep it all behind me
I export my memories so nothing will ever bind me
How can I miss something that is gone?
Well isn't that the point?
I don't know if it's wrong

Know the seas
Sail with the breeze
I will find all of my exported memories

I put them all away
The hardest one to pass on is always yesterday
Let me tell you about my dreams
And how they always fall
I should dream of normal things
Things I won't care for at all

I know this seems to sail with the breeze
I am looking for all of my exported memories
It is harder than I thought
They have been sold and bought
There they stand in the window with a price tag yet priceless to me
2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
January 11, 2007
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