Floored and Invisible
I'm among you
Still I only turn to the faces I've seen before
The ones where I can open their door

If it comes to something you are not used to
I'm no longer among you but I am still on the floor
Invisible and waiting for more

I can only see you face to face
Just like the old times no one can be heard from far away
You have to see me and choose whether or not I'm ready
Of course not I'm still petty
And on the floor I'm fading away
Thinking it's beautiful to be trapped in this thing

From the statues I erect I'm bitter and I'm upset
No one has stood at them yet
Except the ones who see me and know my name
They aren't willing to complain
So now here I go again but I'm stopping at plain

Can you see me now?
Did I work it out?
It depends who you are
I just want to know if you saw me from afar

2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
July 18, 2007
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