Waiting for something that you don't want to foresee
It's loud and it's rumbling captivating what you need
There is one moment left
One second to let go and let death

And the words meet your ears like a gun
The sight pounds your face like a drum
This all grabs your heart like a choke

You going away brings us all together but in such a way I'd rather see them never
The next time I go to your home and see you not there I will be crushed, crushed because I cared
Cared enough to say goodbye

And the words meet my ears like a gun
The sight pounds my face like a drum
Oh, this all grabs my heart like a vicious choke
The pain has left me broken
Goodbye, goodbye
You were there that evening and then...
Now I'm just stuck here wondering when will I proceed
2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
March 26 & May 22, 2007
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3/26/07- The words meet your ear like a gun