I wish I could beat myself with a hammer
So I could nail down all those things I just can't get
I wish I could drill a hole into myself
To let everyone see inside me
I wish I could saw off some of my thoughts
I wish I could superglue the ones I aught
I need to be broken to be alive or at least to live right

Pull me apart for a much fresher start
Screw back in my brain after it's been cleaned
Purify my heart
Give me legs that walk upright
Pick me up

I wish I could take all of my weak things
Put them in a pan to make a stronger man
The more I take the heat the closer I am to being complete

Pull me apart for a much fresher start
New arms..
New eyes..
Everyone would be surprised and I will tell them why
Jesus Christ, the carpenter, invite him in
He will build a home
Yes, renew all the old

2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
April 23 & May 11, 2007
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