Your face is shadowed with white light
And I can't resist with all my might
All my might is yours
All I write is yours
I'm thankful I am yours

When I get up from the grave I know you are the one who saved me
I appreciate your eyes and how you let me get by though I should be 
stopped dead
I take your inheritance
I take your truth
Because you have given me them

I keep turning away but I won't walk away
I keep moving my face but I won't move my legs

I keep moving, I keep moving my eyes
I keep moving, I keep moving my arms
But I won't walk away
Turn to you, I want to turn to you
I'm going to turn to you
But I keep hearing so much that I forget your touch
And how you took me away so long, the many times I've gone

I'm stuck and static
I will not move from you yet I look away
I'm static showing little if any change
Oh sin stop your interfering

2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
August 8, 2007
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