It takes all my life to forget about the simple changes
That I fought so hard to renege
I said, "My life is not like this"
"Why won't you give me a taste of what I want?"

I wear the chimes like bells because I always have something to say
Some way to complain
I look betwixt and beneath
I cannot find the way that could have been had I not unsheathed
For me, it is all about me
Don't coming knocking at my door
I'm am not the one to pour the love of my beliefs

It's my way and the highway to Hell for those I will not tell
It's my hill and it's my will and I will not even drop to my feet even if you crush me
I will still complain
You're love has made me complete but I won't share your name

So I'm going in different directions
Missing out on your perfection
I want you please
I will be the first to admit it
All of the bad I have done with your name
Don't spare me, I am to blame

You broke my neck
So all I can do is look up to you
You put me in bed
So all I can do is learn about your truth
Hear me Lord today, this is what I pray
I am turning back to you
I am turning back to you
I drink your living water and I always have a taste of what I want

2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
August 20, 2007
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