Track after Track 4
This was the best that I could do
Please believe that this is true
It was all I could do while playing around
I know it bent but I never meant to loose it all

I'm off track now
No looking back now
I won't walk through the dream of someone else's shoes
I can't take it back now
I'm not really sure how but for now throw your heart out and make due

It is funny how things feel after you can't feel anymore
The roads and the rains drizzle off of the front door

I'm off track now
I can't take it back now
I'm off track now
There is no looking back
Just face the fact and I will too
I'll do it with you
I'm not really sure how but just for right now
Throw your heart
Don't tear it apart and shout
I gave it the best I could do
I could give no more than less
Make due
Make due
Our time is not yet through
2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
February 17, 2007
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