By the End
By the end of today I hope I have all your grace I could stand
By the end of the week I hope I am weak enough to know you're strong
By the end of the month take away all of my wants that keep me from wanting you
By the end of the season there will be too many reasons, so I will praise you all of my days
by the end of the year take away all my fear. It doesn't belong.
By the end of my days I hope I've learned all of your ways that I can
By the end of time you will have arrived & all will knell so now it doesn't hurt to feel your love
And I want it to grow. I want your love to grow.
I've made mistakes you've told me not to make
I've given in to sin a fool could see coming from miles away
But your love covers my multitude & shapes my attitude.
And all I have to do is confess & give in
2008 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
December 31, 2008
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